One Belpark Mall & Office

Integrated office space and culinary landmark

One Belpark Mall opened its doors in 2016.

It seamlessly fuses outdoor park energy with the F&B dining sensation, such like Starbucks, Mokka cafe, Warung Leko, Bakso Lapangan Tembak, KFC etc. It’s a place where people spend hours relaxing around the atrium sprawled with greeneries, chilling out after work and soaking up the crisp afternoon sun while having meals with their loved ones.

There was many event has been held in Atrium with 1000 sqm, such like Hijaber Festival, Dreamers Festival, Java Jazz on the Move, Kemilau Emas Pegadaian, World Cup Live Streaming, etc.

With anchor tenants like the Cinema XXI, Farmers’ Market, Amazing City, Ace Hardware and Heritage, One Belpark is truly a park like no other.